Is Sons of the Forest Cross Platform in 2024?

Find out if Sons of the Forest is cross-platform (crossplay) across Steam, Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, XBox Series S/X, Switch, iOS & Android here.

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Release Date: Feb 23rd, 2023

Also known as:

The Forest II
The Forest 2

Game engines:


Supported modes:

Single player

Player perspectives:

First person

Sons of the Forest Crossplay:

Last checked: March 1st, 2023

Sons of the Forest is available on Steam (PC) and Windows PC, but unfortunately, crossplay is not currently supported across any of these platforms at this time.

We last checked Sons of the Forest for cross-platform support 11 months and 21 days ago, and at this time there were no crossplay options available. We check games regularly for updates and we will be checking Sons of the Forest again soon, but if anything has changed in the meantime and we haven't spotted it yet, please let us know via our contact page or by posting a comment below.

⏱ This game was released 11 months and 30 days ago

Game Available On:

Cross-platform Details:

Crossplay is not currently available.

Unfortunately, Sons of the Forest does not currently support cross-platform/crossplay at this time. We are monitoring this title and will update this page if this changes.

Info: Sons Of The Forest is currently only available on Steam and therefore, crossplay is not available.


Sons of the Forest Game Summary

Sent to uncover a missing billionaire on an isolated isle, you are thrust into a dreary limbo of cannibalistic chaos. Gather resources, construct fortifications and strive for preservation in this intense open-world survival horror experience - alone or with comrades!

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About Sons of the Forest

For those looking to test their mettle in the wild and unforgiving wilderness, Sons of the Forest has arrived to challenge your survival skills. Developed by Endnight Games, this open-world horror simulator drops you onto a hostile island populated by cannibals where it's up to you find ways of staying alive - alone or with friends.

Players will be drawn into an immersive world filled with danger as they craft weapons and build shelters while scavenging for food. As they traverse through treacherous terrain and explore eerie caves, players must outlast an array of relentless foes on their quest for answers about what happened on the mysterious island before them. With its punishing difficulty yet rewarding gameplay experience that encourages exploration and experimentation, Sons of The Forest is sure to please fans who enjoy intense first-person survival experiences akin titles such as Rust or Don't Starve Together.

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Is Sons of the Forest Cross-Platform?

Unfortunately, Sons of the Forest is not crossplay compatible. We check regularly to see if cross platform support has been added and we will update this page as soon as there are any changes. In the meantime, if you have noticed any recent crossplay support for for Sons of the Forest, then please let us know in the comments below.

Is it Cross-Platform on PC?


No, Sons of the Forest is not crossplay compatible with PC.

  • Sons of the Forest is not currently crossplay-compatible with Windows PC/Steam.

What is Crossplay/Cross-Platform?

Crossplay, also known as cross-platform, is the ability to play with other players who are using different platforms. For example, someone playing on a PC can play with someone using a console, such as a PS5, or a PS4 player can play with an Xbox One player.

Crossplay is a great way to connect with friends who might not own the same console as you!

What is Cross Save/Cross Progression?

Cross save, also known as cross-progression, is the ability to transfer save data between different platforms. For example, if you have a character or have reached a level on a PS4 that you want to play on an Xbox One, you can use cross-save to transfer your progress over.

Cross progression is handy for players who want to be able to pick up their game no matter what platform they're using!

Unfortunately, Sons of the Forest does not support cross-save/cross-progression at this time. We'll keep an eye out and update this page if this changes in the future.

Is Sons of the Forest Multiplayer?

Yes, Sons of the Forest is a multiplayer game. Sons of the Forest officially supports Single player, Multiplayer and Co-operative modes. All the other titles featured on our site are also multiplayer games.

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We hope that you've found this page useful. If you would like us to update a particular title, or if you've noticed a game which has recently added crossplay support, please drop a message in the comments below. We do our best to keep our comprehensive cross-platform database as up-to-date as possible.

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