Is PowerWash Simulator Cross Platform in 2024?

Find out if PowerWash Simulator is cross-platform (crossplay) across PS4, PS5, Xbox One, XBox Series S/X, Switch, Steam, Windows, iOS & Android here.

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Release Date: May 19th, 2021

Also known as:

Power Wash Simulator

Game engines:


Supported modes:

Single player

Player perspectives:

First person

PowerWash Simulator Crossplay:

Last checked: December 14th, 2022

PowerWash Simulator supports crossplay across the following platforms: Steam (PC), Windows PC, Xbox One and XBox Series S/X. You'll be able to enjoy playing online with your friends if you use any of these platforms.

While the game is also available on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5, PowerWash Simulator is cross-platform only across the platforms mentioned above. Please check out all the details on PowerWash Simulator's official website!

We last checked which crossplay platforms were available for PowerWash Simulator 1 year, 5 months and 30 days ago. We check games regularly for updates, but if anything has changed in the meantime and we haven't spotted it yet, please let us know via our contact page or by posting a comment below.

⏱ This game was released 3 years and 25 days ago

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PowerWash Simulator Cross-Platform Details:

The game, PowerWash Simulator, is currently cross-platform/crossplay compatible between the following platforms:

Crossplay Combination 1:

Info: Xbox and Steam players can crossplay via a room code. Xbox to Windows players can natively join friends' games.


PowerWash Simulator Game Summary

Say goodbye to stress with PowerWash Simulator! Eradicate your anxieties and relax amidst the serene symphony of pressurized water. Ignite your power washer and sluice away every minuscule particle of dust and filth you can uncover, all while enjoying the gratifying gratification that comes from giving something a glistening completion via power-washing.

Genres and Themes


About PowerWash Simulator

PowerWash Simulator is an addictive, immersive and gratifying way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With its realistic physics engine, intuitive controls and vibrant graphics, this game offers players a unique opportunity to bask in the soothing sound of high-pressure water as they blast away dirt and grime with their very own power washer. Whether you're looking for some respite from your hectic schedule or just want something fun to do on your lunch break, PowerWash Simulator has something for everyone!

Players will appreciate how simple yet satisfying it can be when using their power washer; aiming jets at pesky stains while watching them disappear into nothingness brings immense joy that's hard not be addicted too! For those who are fans of other simulation games like Car Mechanic Simulator or Flight Pilot Simulators 3D may find themselves right at home here.

View videos of PowerWash Simulator below:

PowerWash Simulator Age Suitability

PowerWash Simulator is an entertaining yet educational simulation game that is suitable for all ages. Players can customize their washers, nozzles and cleaners to adjust the pressure and range of the water spray as they manage a cleaning business. This encourages problem-solving skills while providing enjoyable entertainment value at the same time. It's an ideal game for those who want to learn more about running a successful business or just enjoy playing simulations with accurate physics-based mechanics!

Is PowerWash Simulator Cross-Platform?

Fortunately, yes! PowerWash Simulator is a cross-platform game, meaning players with different hardware and consoles can play together online. PowerWash Simulator supports crossplay on Steam (PC), Windows PC, Xbox One and XBox Series S/X.

PowerWash Simulator is available on the following platforms:

  • Nintendo Switch
  • PS4
  • PS5
  • Steam (PC)
  • Windows PC
  • XBox Series S/X
  • Xbox One

The platforms below will work for PowerWash Simulator crossplay:

  • Steam (PC)
  • Windows PC
  • XBox Series S/X
  • Xbox One

Is it Cross-Platform on PC?


Yes, PowerWash Simulator is crossplay compatible with PC.

  • PowerWash Simulator is compatible with cross-platform between Windows PC/Steam and Xbox One and XBox Series S/X.

Is it Cross-Platform on Playstation?


No, PowerWash Simulator is not crossplay compatible with Playstation.

  • Unfortunately, PowerWash Simulator is not currently crossplay-compatible with PS4 and Nintendo Switch, PS5, Windows PC/Steam, XBox Series S/X or Xbox One.
  • PowerWash Simulator is not currently crossplay-compatible with PS5 and Nintendo Switch, PS4, Windows PC/Steam, XBox Series S/X or Xbox One.

Is it Cross-Platform on Xbox?


Yes, PowerWash Simulator is crossplay compatible with Xbox.

  • PowerWash Simulator is confirmed to be working with crossplay with Xbox One and Windows PC/Steam and XBox Series S/X.
  • Also, PowerWash Simulator is confirmed as working with cross-platform across XBox Series S/X and Windows PC/Steam and Xbox One.

Is it Cross-Platform on Other Platforms?

No, PowerWash Simulator is not crossplay compatible with Other Platforms.

  • Unfortunately, PowerWash Simulator is not currently crossplay-compatible with Nintendo Switch and PS4, PS5, Windows PC/Steam, XBox Series S/X or Xbox One.

What is Crossplay/Cross-Platform?

Crossplay, also known as cross-platform, is the ability to play with other players who are using different platforms. For example, someone playing on a PC can play with someone using a console, such as a PS5, or a PS4 player can play with an Xbox One player.

Crossplay is a great way to connect with friends who might not own the same console as you!

How to Play PowerWash Simulator Cross-Platform?

The way to utilize crossplay can vary depending on the game and platforms you are using. Some games have built-in crossplay features that allow players on different platforms to connect and play together, other will require you to connect via an account such as a PlayStation Network (PSN) account or an Xbox Live account.

For the full instructions on PowerWash Simulator crossplay, visit the official website.

What is Cross Save/Cross Progression?

Cross save, also known as cross-progression, is the ability to transfer save data between different platforms. For example, if you have a character or have reached a level on a PS4 that you want to play on an Xbox One, you can use cross-save to transfer your progress over.

Cross progression is handy for players who want to be able to pick up their game no matter what platform they're using!

Thankfully, PowerWash Simulator supports cross-save/cross-progression. For more information on this you should check out the official website.

Is PowerWash Simulator Multiplayer?

Yes, PowerWash Simulator is a multiplayer game. PowerWash Simulator officially supports Single player, Multiplayer and Co-operative modes. All the other titles featured on our site are also multiplayer games.

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