Is Diablo III Cross Platform in 2024?

Find out if Diablo III is cross-platform (crossplay) across PS4, Xbox One, Windows, PS5, XBox Series S/X, Switch, Steam, iOS & Android here.

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Release Date: May 15th, 2012

Also known as:

Diablo 3

Supported modes:

Single player

Player perspectives:

Bird view / Isometric

Diablo III Crossplay:

Last checked: April 20th, 2023

Diablo III is available on Mac, PS3, PS4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but unfortunately, crossplay is not currently supported across any of these platforms at this time.

We last checked Diablo III for cross-platform support 10 months and 2 days ago, and at this time there were no crossplay options available. We check games regularly for updates and we will be checking Diablo III again soon, but if anything has changed in the meantime and we haven't spotted it yet, please let us know via our contact page or by posting a comment below.

⏱ This game was released 11 years, 9 months and 7 days ago

Game Available On:

Cross-platform Details:

Crossplay is not currently available.

Unfortunately, Diablo III does not currently support cross-platform/crossplay at this time. We are monitoring this title and will update this page if this changes.

Info: None available.

Source: No source yet.

Diablo III Game Summary

Diablo III is the latest iteration of Blizzard's beloved franchise, inviting players to venture forth into a shadowy realm filled with unspeakable terrors. From ferocious beasts and malevolent undead to veritable denizens of Hell itself, all manner of dread adversaries await adventurers as they embark on their daunting quest through four Acts across two play modes - Normal and Hardcore - each with its own difficulty level ranging from paltry Normal up to the infernal Inferno. The game also introduces a novel auction house feature where items can be exchanged for both in-game gold or even real currency which can then be used to acquire official Blizzard merchandise. Numerous achievements are available too, granted upon achieving certain objectives throughout your journey!

Genres and Themes

AdventureHack and slash/Beat 'em upRole-playing (RPG)ActionFantasyHorror

About Diablo III

Diablo III is one of the most beloved and revered action role-playing games in existence, captivating players since its initial release over a decade ago. With intense hack-and-slash combat, varied enemies to battle against, and an ever changing virtual world with endless amounts of loot to discover – Diablo III has become an essential experience for any fan of dungeon crawlers.
The game features four Acts filled with formidable bosses that challenge players through various difficulties levels ranging from Normal to Inferno. Its robust auction house allows gamers to purchase items using both real money or their hard earned gold; while its wide array achievements give them even more incentive for replayability. This timeless classic offers something special for everyone - no matter if they are seasoned veterans or newcomers looking out on the horizon hoping find something new!

View videos of Diablo III below:

Diablo III Age Suitability

Diablo III is an action role-playing game suitable for persons aged 16 years and over. Players will assume control of a mortal hero who must traverse dungeons and use swords, axes, and magic attacks to kill human-like enemies. Battles are accompanied by slashing and flesh impact sounds with frequent blood splatter effects which give the game its realistic look. Some levels also depict burning corpses surrounded by large pools of blood that adds to the intensity of this title's violence making it unsuitable for younger players or those uncomfortable with such content. The online capability allows players from around the world to join together in their quest against evil making Diablo III a great choice for older gamers seeking a thrilling adventure full of carnage along their journey through hell itself!

Is Diablo III Cross-Platform?

Unfortunately, Diablo III is not crossplay compatible. We check regularly to see if cross platform support has been added and we will update this page as soon as there are any changes. In the meantime, if you have noticed any recent crossplay support for for Diablo III, then please let us know in the comments below.

Is it Cross-Platform on PC?


No, Diablo III is not crossplay compatible with PC.

  • Unfortunately, Diablo III is not currently crossplay-compatible with Windows PC and Mac, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

Is it Cross-Platform on Playstation?


No, Diablo III is not crossplay compatible with Playstation.

  • Unfortunately, Diablo III is not currently crossplay-compatible with PS3 and Mac, PS4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 or Xbox One.
  • Diablo III is not currently crossplay-compatible with PS4 and Mac, PS3, Windows PC, Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

Is it Cross-Platform on Xbox?


No, Diablo III is not crossplay compatible with Xbox.

  • Unfortunately, Diablo III is not currently crossplay-compatible with Xbox 360 and Mac, PS3, PS4, Windows PC or Xbox One.
  • Diablo III is not currently crossplay-compatible with Xbox One and Mac, PS3, PS4, Windows PC or Xbox 360.

Is it Cross-Platform on Other Platforms?

No, Diablo III is not crossplay compatible with Other Platforms.

  • Unfortunately, Diablo III is not currently crossplay-compatible with Mac and PS3, PS4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

What is Crossplay/Cross-Platform?

Crossplay, also known as cross-platform, is the ability to play with other players who are using different platforms. For example, someone playing on a PC can play with someone using a console, such as a PS5, or a PS4 player can play with an Xbox One player.

Crossplay is a great way to connect with friends who might not own the same console as you!

What is Cross Save/Cross Progression?

Cross save, also known as cross-progression, is the ability to transfer save data between different platforms. For example, if you have a character or have reached a level on a PS4 that you want to play on an Xbox One, you can use cross-save to transfer your progress over.

Cross progression is handy for players who want to be able to pick up their game no matter what platform they're using!

Unfortunately, Diablo III does not support cross-save/cross-progression at this time. We'll keep an eye out and update this page if this changes in the future.

Is Diablo III Multiplayer?

Yes, Diablo III is a multiplayer game. Diablo III officially supports Single player, Multiplayer and Co-operative modes. All the other titles featured on our site are also multiplayer games.

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